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Accelerating Medical Affairs Innovation with TikaMSL

Our integrated platform combines the power of AI-driven analytics, strategic KOL management tools, and streamlined cross-collaborative processes. This empowers Medical Affairs teams to strategize KOL Engagement, optimize medical strategies, and showcase their true impact.

KOL Identification

KOL Identification

Discover Influential KOLs and Track Rising Stars. Using scholarly work and Social Media activity, identify the right KOLs and Rising Stars for your industry. With timely updates, keep tabs on KOL publications, clinical interests, and conference activity. Learn More


KOL Management

Nurture Strategic KOL Relationships
Drive your KOL strategy forward with actionable engagement plans, measurable milestones, and a clear relationship development continuum. Learn More


AI Insights Analysis

Harness the Power of AI for Medical Expertise
Leverage AI trained in your therapeutic area to analyze medical insights, reveal trends, and optimize engagement strategies. Learn More

TikaMSL in Action: See the Difference

Get a quick walkthrough of our platform's intuitive features and learn how we transform KOL engagement for Medical Affairs.

Elevate Your KOL Management Strategy  Start Today

Elevate Your KOL Management Strategy Start Today


Empower Your Medical Affairs Team.
Transform KOL Impact.

Achieve strategic clarity, enhance KOL relationships, and demonstrate your team's value with our integrated data analytics, CRM, and AI-driven platform.


Showcase Impact: Prove the ROI of your initiatives with comprehensive reports, dashboards, and KOL development metrics.


Drive Strategic Alignment: Bridge the gap between Medical Affairs and commercial teams, enhancing communication and collaboration.


Streamline Processes: Increase efficiency with centralized KOL data, automated workflows, and actionable insights.

Optimize Your Medical Strategy with Data-Driven Insights

TikaMSL empowers pharmaceutical companies to align Medical Affairs and commercial goals. Analyze KOL influence, measure engagement outcomes, and drive informed decision-making across your organization.

  • Measure KOL Sentiment: 
    Track KOL perceptions and understand how your KOL engagement drives changes in prescribing behavior.
  • Increase Publication Awareness: 
    Identify key publications and clinical trials relevant to your therapeutic area for timely, evidence-based engagement.
  • Identify Partnership Opportunities: 
    Discover potential research collaborators and partnerships through sophisticated KOL analytics.

Why TikaMSL?


Data-Driven Success

Unlock real-time, actionable insights that fuel strategic decision-making and optimize your KOL strategy. Our dynamic dashboards reveal the true drivers of impact, going beyond basic engagement metrics.


Seamless Integration

TikaMSL integrates effortlessly with your existing CRM, saving time and resources.  Centralized KOL data and automated workflows empower your team to focus on building high-impact relationships.


Strategic Alignment

Bridge the gap between Medical Affairs and other teams for greater collaboration, strategic alignment, and data-driven communication that maximizes impact.