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How Tika Helps

Focus on going beyond basic analysis to achieve measurable outcomes with TikaMSL. Here’s how it helps:


Support Cross-Collaboration

Empower cross-functional teams with easily shareable AI-generated insights reports, summaries, and FAQs. Break down silos and ensure everyone is working from the same data-driven knowledge base.

Uncover Actionable Opportunities

Uncover Actionable Opportunities

Go beyond basic data with AI-powered analysis, uncovering emerging trends, market gaps, and potential partnerships. Optimize your medical strategy with actionable insights.

Accelerate Time-to-Insight

Accelerate Time-to-Insight

Eliminate time-consuming manual analysis by leveraging generative AI and automated reporting. Empower your team to focus on high-value activities and strategic decision-making.

Mitigate Risk, Ensure Compliance

Mitigate Risk, Ensure Compliance

Confidently navigate complex SOPs and regulations with AI-powered guidance. Ensure compliant MSL interactions and reduce risk for your organization.


Insights Analysis

Transform Insights into Action

The only dedicated solution for capturing insights, integrating with any CRM solution, and providing robust generative Al analysis on Insights. Establish FAQs to monitor user adoption and create organizational standards for responses.

Publication Analysis

Master the Medical Landscape

TikaMSL's Publication Analysis transcends basic search with AI-powered analysis of vast scientific literature. Cite sources, gauge author sentiment,  create cross-divisional knowledge repositories, and even build a publication-driven chatbot for quick, insightful answers.


SOP & Operational Guidance

AI Simplifies Your SOPs

Train the model on SOPs, guidelines, and local and institutional restrictions to guide appropriate action necessary by field teams. Helps reach higher efficiency and maintain compliant behavior across teams.

Experience the power of TikaMSL's AI Insights Management firsthand.

Experience the power of TikaMSL's AI Insights Management firsthand.