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Transform Your KOL Management with TikaMSL

Experience the power of data-driven insights, strategic engagement, and measurable results for your Field Medical team.

From Interactions to Impact: Your KOL Engagement Playbook

From Interactions to Impact: Your KOL Engagement Playbook

TikaMSL goes beyond tracking meetings. Craft data-driven plans, monitor progress in real-time, and ensure every interaction strategically advances your KOL relationships on a continuum.


Your KOL Success Story: Visualize Your Team's Impact

Use ChatGPT's generative AI engine and business intelligence (BI) to turn data into compelling reports and dashboards with robust reporting capabilities. 


Unlock the Power of Medical Insights: Analytics that Drive Strategy

Our AI engine transforms complex medical insights into actionable summaries and reports. Optimize the cross-divisional dissemination of Medical Insights with automated reports and dashboards. 


KOL Monitoring and Updates

Conveniently monitor the scholarly work and social media activities of your KOLs within the platform you use to plan and engage. Monitor progress in real-time and ensure every interaction advances your KOL relationships strategically.


KOL Engagement Planning

Your KOL Engagement Playbook: Strategy Powered by AI

Turn every interaction into progress. Capture insights, set strategic goals aligned with each KOL's expertise, and track relationships over time. Visualize progress along a continuum, pinpoint growth opportunities, and drive impactful KOL connections.

Convery The Impact

Showcase Your Success: Visualize Your MSL Team's Impact

TikaMSL transforms data into a powerful narrative. Create automated reports and dashboards for KOL Relationship Tracking, Insights summaries and key themes, interaction outcomes, MIR response, and more. 


Insights Powered By AI

Medical Data Decoded: AI-Based Insights that Drive Strategy

TikaMSL's AI simplifies the analysis of medical insights, delivering clarity and empowering data-driven decision-making. Choose flexible integration with your CRM or leverage TikaMSL as a standalone solution for maximum adaptability.

Discover the impact of strategic KOL engagement with TikaMSL

Discover the impact of strategic KOL engagement with TikaMSL